Our paper about the extensive parser on multiple L7 protocol for SDN has been rejected on INFOCOM 2015, HK. Sad news, isn’t it? Although it got 4, 3, 3 points from the reviewer, which is in the top 12% among all the submissions (while this year’s acceptance rate is 19%), I think the paper would be disliked by some of the reviewers through the discussion.

I’ve been Nanjing for a while. Part of my work is to complement SOLID system, and also I have to find some new directions for my future research, as well as get the previous paper done (COPY and something on automatic rule generation). However, it is tough to get into a new area, where perhaps the smartest guys in the world are focusing on. And SDN is such an area. I have read about 20 papers from the top conferences on SDN, and found that they just make everything solid, and basically no chance remains. I throw out about 3 ideas in two weeks, and 2 of them have been figured out in the recent Sigcomm, the rest one is also being discussed in a HotNet paper (dangerous). Consider I still need to settle the previous paper down, it would be very tough.

The good news is MP-ROOM on JSAC finally got published. At least I can get some award at the end of the year.

Whatever, life goes on, not to say the academic part.