Chinglish title makes me relaxed.

To make it short, I have a paper accepted by ANCS 2015, which proposes an application layer parser for SDN (named COPY), OK, not just for SDN. The major contribution of this paper is to merge multiple parsing automata into one without losing the extracting information. The presentation goes well, and I have a little talk with Han Dongsu, who is a very famous young researcher, and has very impressive publication.

It is good to travel to US, and it is actually my first time going aboard. Oakland and Los Angeles are very beautiful places, and the Yosemite National Park is great. I’d like to have a deep journey to this view again, with my wife, of course.

However, I don’t feel good about the culture and society: some people seem to be unfriendly, and the friendly ones seem to be artificial. Chinese are much more real.

Oh, we happen to join a conference of, where we meet the famous RMS! He looks just the same with the picture online (with his symbolic smiling T-shirt), while none of us recognize him due to our nervous! Hope it will not be our last chance to talk with him.

Recently I’m working on a new project about the SDN controller, which is expected to provide semantics-level compatibility of multiple applications. A paper has been submitted to HotNets 2015 and wish all of us good luck.

Life goes on, as usual.